A Moving Experience

Under odd circumstances, I was extremely lucky to have Brad Varland as my agent as I was looking for homes in Boise. I found myself without an agent and I had Brad’s card. He was wonderful. In a matter of a day and a half he showed me at least a half of a dozen homes. All of which were just what I was looking for. So, of course, I had to think them over. By the time I flew home I was pretty sure Boise was where I was going to live. He called me when I arrived home to go that extra mile. It amazed me he figured out what I wanted and what I needed in a very few minutes. He was kind and concerned that I did not get a home some place I eventually, would not want to be. Brad was very polite but, we kept on moving. I liked that. As of now my plans have changed due to family. He wrote a nice email to me and said I was fortunate that things were working out for me. There was no resentment that I might have wasted his time. I still am considering Boise but, that is up to circumstances and will be a few plus months away before I can make that choice. Again, Brad is a calm, kind and personable man. If I do move to Boise he will be the one to help me. I would recommend him to everyone. He is extremely knowledge about Boise and it’s out lying communities. Sincerely,


Carol Hastings