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Brad Varland was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana. I am no stranger to long hours to see a job through. Brad learned young, that a “Get It Done” attitude is what it takes to succeed in life. He also learned that integrity, honesty, and listening are some of the greatest attributes to being successful.

I brought those attributes to the Treasure Valley in the early 80’s, and have been involved in the service industry here for over 30 years. Throughout those years I have surrounded myself with successful people, and have learned what exceptional customer service is and how to apply it.
I’m a sportsman and love the outdoors. My activities include whitewater rafting, hunting, fishing, and running.

My past clients know my work ethic and tell everyone I’m the Realtor that gets it Done.

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Rachael Pease – San Diego

I just love working with Brad!! He is so quick and nice.

Brad made the process incredibly easy

Thanks to Brad, we sold one house and bought another. We're delighted with the outcome of both transactions. Brad made the process incredibly easy, and we feel lucky to have benefited from his expertise, thoughtfulness, and excellent customer service.

Brad Varland is a Wonderful REALTOR®

Brad Varland is a wonderful realtor. He is very professional, courteous, knowledgable and always prepared throughout the entire search and home buying process. More importantly he was mindful and considerate of my personal needs as a homebuyer. I would recommend him as a realtor to anyone looking for a new home! J.Kaylor

A Moving Experience

Under odd circumstances, I was extremely lucky to have Brad Varland as my agent as I was looking for homes in Boise. I found myself without an agent and I had Brad's card. He was wonderful. In a matter of a day and a half he showed me at least a half of a dozen homes. All of which were just what I was looking for. So, of course, I had to think them over. By the time I flew home I was pretty sure Boise was where I was going to live. He called me when I arrived home to go that extra mile. It amazed me he figured out what I wanted and what I needed in a very few minutes. He was kind and concerned that I did not get a home some place I eventually, would not want to be. Brad was very polite but, we kept on moving. I liked that. As of now my plans have changed due to family. He wrote a nice email to me and said I was fortunate that things were working out for me. There was no resentment that I might have wasted his time. I still am considering Boise but, that is up to circumstances and will be a few plus months away before I can make that choice. Again, Brad is a calm, kind and personable man. If I do move to Boise he will be the one to help me. I would recommend him to everyone. He is extremely knowledge about Boise and it's out lying communities. Sincerely,   Carol Hastings

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Brad Varland REALTOR®

Mobile Phone: 208-859-3920
Office Phone: 208-859-3920